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We supply traditional house coal and smokeless coal in convenient sealed plastic bags. Good quality solid fuel can give your fire a longer burn time.

Why I should use Smokeless ovals

Smokeless ovals are a smokeless anthracite based solid fuel for use on open fires and in multi-fuel stoves and selected other cookers.
With high radiant heat and an attractive flame, this incredibly long burning fuel burns hotter, cleaner and for longer.

Designed for use in Smoke Control Areas

This low emission product is clean burning, producing less CO2 and more heat than traditional house coal.
All these fuels have to have a sulphur content of less than 2% and are authorized as ‘smokeless’ by DEFRA / HETAS.
Available in 20kg sealed plastic bags.

Why I should use House coal

House Coal is a free burning fuel ideal for use on open fires. With moderate ash and heat output this is a good all round fuel and represents great value for money.
The coal burns with an attractive flame making the fireplace the centre piece of any room.
High quality house coal has no more than 15% ash content and no more than 2% sulphur content, and must not be burnt in smokeless zones, unless it is burnt on an approved ‘smoke-eater’ appliance.
Doubles and Trebles do not relate to the quality of the coal, instead they are an approximation of size.
Available in 25kg sealed plastic bags.

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