This compost/ soil improver is produced from recycled organic material and is screened to 0-25mm.

Professional horticulturists should seek advice from a specialist in compost use.  More detailed guidelines are available from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP,, the Growing Media Association and other organisations and specialists in the horticulture and composting industries.


Compost can be used to improve the soil when establishing grass/turf and planting beds and when planting trees and shrubs.  It can also be combined with soil to improve backfill material in planting pits.


Compost can be applied to the soil surface to conserve soil moisture, suppress weeds and help minimise erosion.


Compost can be used in a range of blends with other substrates according to the application, e.g. cells in trays or pots. The formulation should be based on compost test results, such as nutrient content, and any other substrates used in the growing medium. Advice should be sought from a specialist in compost use.


This compost keeps best when stored in a cool, dry place.


Every effort has been made to ensure this compost contains no germs, sharp fragments, toxins or regenerative plant parts.  However, the compost producer cannot guarantee they will never be present.  As with all products of this type, wear gloves when handling and wash hands after use.  During handling, avoid inhaling any dust or water vapour from it or ingesting any of it. These precautions also apply to operators of machines that spread compost.


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Our compost is a 100% organic matter derived soil improver.
Perfect for most garden applications including raised beds, allotments and much more.
It is ready to use
Contains 100% organic matter
Well structured to allow for aeration, drainage and root development
It has a natural nitrogen source
No added chemicals
It is produced on site, here at Whitehaven, from 100% organic material, composted and screened to produce a rich, dark, quality organic soil improver.
Once you’ve taken the time to create a raised bed for flowers or vegetables our compost is perfect for filling them up.

If you have an allotment you can use our compost to bulk it out and start planting.

If you are keen to grow vegetables but don’t have an allotment you can use a small space in your garden to create a mini vegetable patch.

Whether you are laying a lawn with turf or from grass seed you can make you a mix of compost and topsoil to create the ideal base to create your lawn.

If you have a sports ground you can use our compost as a soil conditioner to get it ready for the next season.
All in all, it:
Improves soil fertility,
Breaks up heavy soils and improves light soils,
Increases organic matter,
Helps lock in moisture and nutrients around the roots,
Promotes healthy plant growth and germination,
Speeds up root establishment if raked into soil before turf laying,
Is Quality Protocol and PAS100 Certified Compost.

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